Today is my last day on earth

No. This is not a suicide note. I love living.
But neither you nor I can guarantee that I will be here tomorrow. So, since I only have Today, don’t you think we should pause to reflect on the meaning of life?
We all agree with the concept that you should live each day as if it’s your last.   Like you, however, in my heart I nurture the hope that I will be around when tomorrow comes around. But let’s face it, if I have any expectation whatsoever  of that, then this is not really my last day!

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A New Look at Purpose


Every now and again, you, like me are tempted to throw up your hands and say, What’s the use?

You go through the routines of your life trying to cope with work responsibilities, family demands, extra-curricular activities and personal needs. It can feel overwhelming at times.

From where does one get the strength and energy to keep getting up to go “do it” over and over again? Only from knowing and (sometimes) reminding yourself of the real reason Why.

Many of us have become accustomed to the job that was not the top choice, only the default. Most of us are living lives vastly different from the life we planned in high school. After doing the same thing hundreds of times, there is a real need for everyone to check if it is still worth the effort.

The moment the reason Why is no longer apparent, frustration begins to set in.

And, have you noticed that it is only at the point of pain that we are forced to take notice? When we are having fun and things are going well, we don’t seem to notice anything amiss about our lives.

We’re glad you’re here.

Whatever the source of pain that sparked the question that brought you to this site, we are grateful that you are here. Let us explore this journey to total fulfillment of purpose together.

The insight you have already gleaned from your many life experiences will uplift every member and guest of this community. So please, we implore you, let your voice be heard.

Please click on the link below and get started on this road of exploration. We cannot promise that this site will be omniscient in all things purpose related. But be prepared to be challenged to find new ways to look at this concept, and new tools with which to sound the depths of this enormous wellspring.

  • We will take a new look at this whole question of purpose. (Those who say you are not living your purpose are quite likely lying to you).
  • How about an actual number that shows to what extent you are fulfilled in your purpose? (Find your PFN on this journey).
  • Is it only in our careers or vocations that we find purpose? (Find out the other areas of life where we can and do live out our purpose).

We are in for some exciting times. The lessons here will uncover all the great things you have not been given credit for. Until now.

Find your Purpose Fulfillment Number (PFN)

Through this site you will be privy to some great information that you can use to help those around you become more fulfilled in their lives as well. Teaching others some of what you have learned not only raises your own Purpose Fulfillment Number (PFN). Those you teach experience life improvement as well.

Best of all this improvement is measurable! And that is what this site is all about.



Welcome to the table. Your fellow humans here have been feasting on new sweet wisdom that has helped them enjoy fulfillment in their life purpose.

At this site you will explore all the tools we have developed. Tools that will help you

  • discover your life purpose
  • find fulfillment of purpose in even the mundane things you have to do everyday.
  • establish the path to greater fulfillment.

We are looking forward to hearing your voice so this community can benefit from the wisdom you can share.