You are here because of a certain desire within you for fulfillment. A thirst shared by other special humans on this planet that you are about to connect with.

WELCOME to this community!

Together we will explore the tools and resources that will help us to not only Discover what our Life Purpose is. We will also learn what Fulfillment in the different spheres of Life purpose looks like, and explore possible paths to that achievement.

Please do not discount the tremendous value that you bring to the table. The knowledge and experience you have acquired up to now will expand to your own benefit as you share your comments and feedback that will certainly enhance the lives of others.

Thank you for sharing the success of your journey with the rest of us.



“Success is the gradual achievement of a worthwhile goal”.                                                                                                                                         -Earl Nightingale



About Us

We search through our myriad life experiences, consider the things we are good at, what things we like and don’t like – in an effort to find some kind of pattern. Because that pattern gives essential meaning to our lives and efforts.

In his search Dave Richards has discovered that his overall life purpose is fulfilled by the task of helping fellow human beings explore and discover all the ways they can find fulfillment of purpose even in the mundane gifts of life.

The mypurposetoolkit® is the evolving result of all the research and development of the past few years. Dave is a professional speaker and freelance writer. As a Pentecostal preacher he has experience in teaching church development strategies.

He assists individuals in personal development sharing his Life Coach principles which are essentially based on the Life Purpose platform.

Author of the new book‘The My Purpose Toolkit – How to Discover and Find Fulfillment in Your Life Purpose’, Dave is also available for speaking engagements in and out of church.

Contact Us

We value your comments, questions or feedback. (Really, we do!) Please give us a call or send us an email. We promise your voice will not be ignored.



Welcome to the table. Your fellow humans here have been feasting on new sweet wisdom that has helped them enjoy fulfillment in their life purpose. At this site you will explore all the tools we have developed. Tools that will help you discover your life purpose find fulfillment of purpose in even the mundane things …